Are you in the market for a new vehicle this year and can not find the perfect vehicle for you with the options and color combination you desire? Special ordering a car from the factory is probably the perfect answer for you!  

What are the benefits of a special order?

There are several situations where special ordering is a great tactic.

  • You do not want to pay for features you will not utilize.
  • You want the vehicle configured how you want it. While many vehicles only come in a few packages, others can be configured in hundreds of ways.
  • You want to purchase a specific vehicle that has little to no inventory available.

Many people ask if they can special order a leased vehicle and the answer is yes! This works perfectly since lease customers know when they will need a new car and can take advantage of that time frame to order the vehicle exactly how they want it.

Once you have decided on a vehicle you will pay a deposit when you place your order. Your deposit is refundable in case you decide not to purchase the car when it arrives. Keep in mind, that delivery times will vary, based on where the car is made and how many people ordered vehicles ahead of you. 


Not sure of all the options to choose from? Visit Livonia Chrysler Jeep and we will be happy to review all the options with you!

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